Tattoo Removal


Laser tattoo removal treatment is one of the safest, most popular and effective ways to get your unwanted tattoos removed permanently.

At Xanadu, our trusted laser equipment – the MedLite c6, the original Q-Switched laser from ConBio – is the most effective high-tech solution for the removal of your unwanted tattoos.

The MedLite c6 is known in the industry as the gold standard laser for tattoo removal of any colour. It is also highly effective for a wide range of patient skin types and conditions.


How do tattoo removal lasers work?

Xanadu-therapies-PicoSure_colour-tattoo-removalOur MedLite c6 produces a light beam at a specific wavelength that can be aimed directly at part of a tattoo – which is essentially coloured ink. Once the laser beam hits the ink, the coloured pigment breaks up into many tiny particles, which are then absorbed and flushed out by your lymphatic system.

A tattoo design is usually removed colour by colour with the laser wavelength adjusted accordingly.

Our Guarantee

At Xanadu, we guarantee that if your tattoo is not removed entirely within the number of treatment visits specified (in your customized treatment plan), we will not charge you for any additional laser treatments to achieve the desired result.

Medlite C6 laser Tattoo removal from $80 per treatment
PicoSure laser Tattoo removal from $150 per area