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Welcome to Xanadu Laser Skin Rejuvenation Carina, the leading provider of advanced skin rejuvenation treatments in Carina, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Our mission is to help you achieve healthy, radiant skin by harnessing the power of the latest laser technology. With the Cynosure Picosure and Medlite C6 lasers at our disposal, our certified technicians deliver personalised, effective treatments to address a range of skin concerns.

: I have had a single laser removal treatment on multiple tattoos from Nixie, and I can already see such a significantly noticeable difference! Nixie demonstrated exceptional skills and knowledge with the laser technology, explaining clearly and exactly how the removal process works and the making the process as quick and painless as possible while still achieving fantastic results. Her expertise, comfort, support and top quality technology made this experience much smoother than I had anticipated. I am genuinely grateful to have attended Nixie’s clinic and to have received such a positive outcome.
Anita CampbellAnita Campbell
09:03 06 Dec 23
I had a brow tattoo that wasn't looking so good that I wanted removed. I went to Nixie and she was great. Explained what to expect and the process so I understood everything. Definately recommend Xanadu Laser Therapies
Cassie ReannanCassie Reannan
17:54 04 Dec 23
I visited Nixie at Xanadu Laser Therapies for eyebrow tattoo removal in October and completed my second session last week. The staff are very friendly and professional, and the Picosure laser is highly effective. The procedure was very quick and I experienced minimal discomfort. My eyebrows showed significant fading after just one session.. It's such a relief to have my tattoo almost removed now. I highly recommend this clinic for anyone seeking efficient and reliable tattoo removal services. Nixie really knows her stuff and you can't get anyone better.
Kelly PhanKelly Phan
01:07 27 Nov 23
Best laser therapist in Brisbane! I’ve had such a good experience with Nixie at Xanadu therapies. I cannot recommend her enough!
Wang MujunWang Mujun
06:55 26 Oct 23
Great experience, great technology. Very patient.
Matt MeldrumMatt Meldrum
08:19 23 Aug 23
Nixie, has been amazing to deal with and such a smooth process from consult to booking in and now the tattoo has gone. The picosure laser removal would be the only machine recommended and it’s in the details; after 3 sessions skin is brand new. Thank you again!!Would recommend to anyone wanting to remove a tattoo. Try here before anywhere else.
Louise Auer-HernandezLouise Auer-Hernandez
05:49 19 Aug 23
Nixie has been wonderful and I am very impressed with the results of the tattoo laser removal after only two treatments. It is almost already gone. I look forward to working with Nixie more on facial treatments

Why Choose Xanadu Laser Skin Rejuvenation Carina?

1.**State-of-the-art Technology**: Our clinic utilises the cutting-edge Cynosure Picosure and Medlite C6 lasers, enabling us to provide highly effective and precise skin rejuvenation treatments.

2. Highly Experienced Staff: Our team of certified technicians has extensive experience in laser skin rejuvenation, ensuring your treatments are safe, tailored to your unique needs, and deliver optimal results.

3. Tailored Treatment Plans: We take the time to thoroughly assess your skin type and concerns, creating a bespoke treatment plan designed to achieve your desired results.

4. Minimal Downtime: Our advanced laser technology allows for fast, effective treatments with minimal downtime, so you can return to your daily activities sooner.

5. Convenient Location: Our clinic is conveniently located in the heart of Carina, Brisbane, providing a welcoming and relaxing environment for all your skin rejuvenation needs.

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