VISIA® Complexion Analysis System

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VISIA® Complexion Analysis System *

VISIA® Complexion Analysis System is one of the best in the industry to help you understand the overall health of your skin’s condition and track improvements with treatment. This technology lets you see your personal results in 3D so you can make informed decisions about the right products and treatment options.

Your skin care consultation is now even more comfortable, faster and accurate as VISIA’s multi-point positioning system rotates around you to capture the left, right and frontal views of your face. This process is completely safe and harmless to your skin; just rest your chin on the scanner, relax and let it do its magic. VISIA uses registered and tested technologies to measure and record the surface and subsurface condition of your skin.

The IntelliFlash®, cross-polarized and UV lighting (aka UV photography) provides a comprehensive analysis and assessment on any sun damage on your face and even reveals porphyrins. The RBX® is one of the best technologies to separate and visualise your skin components, colour concentration, subsurface melanin and vascular conditions. This technology is applicable to all skin types and ethnicities.

Xanadu’s VISIA Complexion Analysis System provides a complete reporting on the condition of your face which covers spots, wrinkles, texture, pores, UV spots, brown spots, red areas and porphyrins. More importantly, it takes the guesswork out of deciding the best product and treatment option to improve your skin the right way. Not only will you receive personalised & professional recommendations at the end of your consultation, you also receive actionable tips to help start your treatment plan.


VISIA Skin Complexion-Analysis System, images of various skin featurers *

In addition, the VISIA System allows advanced aging simulation (from 18-80 years old) so you can compare how your skin’s condition will improve or worsen with/without proper treatment over time. The system can also grade the condition of your skin relative to others of the same age and skin type. This is particularly useful to understand whether or not you have good skincare habits and are using the correct products. Xanadu is proudly invested in helping you understand and improve your skin’s condition.

* Images citing: Canfield Scientific, VISIA® Complexion Analysis System, images of the product and images of various skin features.