Laser Tattoo Removal Brisbane with PicoSure®

Xanadu Therapies


For men and women
Hair removal for healthy, smooth, beautiful skin has numerous benefits for a variety of reasons. And at Xanadu, we provide only the highest quality traditional waxing services – as well as intimate waxing – for men and women.

We understand that depilation is skin care, and we customise a personal hair removal treatment specifically for your skin type.

Xanadu’s therapists utilise non-strip wax and application techniques which allow for accurate, more precise hair removal. These techniques are much kinder to your skin and are virtually pain-free.

For optimal results, we also use the best pre & post wax cleansers and lotions to ensure your skin health, hygiene and comfort.

Some home prep, before your waxing appointment, and post-waxing aftercare are essential parts of a perfect wax treatment. Call our friendly staff anytime for advice before booking your next appointment.

Cirepil (from France)

Our therapists and clients love Cirepil* blue non-strip wax, by Perron Rigot – and we trust you will too. It is ideal for overall waxing, and is excellent for the more sensitive parts of your body, such as the underarms, the bikini area and Brazilian waxing.

Cirepil is a low temprature hard wax that “shrink wraps” around hair without irritating the skin during the hair removal process. Cirepil has a well-deserved reputation as the industry standard leader for hair removal treatments for over 30 year