Second Chance Program

Are tattoos keeping you from getting a job? Are they not who you are anymore? Then it’s time to take action.
Second Chance Program
Tattoos can be a painful reminder of the past and can slow us down as we move forward in life, especially those that are antisocial or related to gangs, will improve the chances significantly of finding employment and lowering the chances of re-entering the system. By removing them we help our clients erase daily reminders of darker past days, leaving room for a brighter future and a better version of themselves.
How Does It Work
We want to empower people who’ve had the courage to change and help them feel confident in their new path. We created the Second Chance Program for those who have made mistakes and have changed and now ready to move on to their new life. We will remove those tattoos that are standing in the way – FREE – with no judgment.
• Visible tattoos with-Racist symbols, images, slogans, hate related words and slogans
• Tattoos that poses a threat to your safety
• Children and teenagers under 18 who have been tattooed without their permission
• People who were employed in the sex industry because of force, fraud, or coercion
for ultimate gain of another
• Ex-gang/bikie members who don’t want to be associate with that club or gang in the
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