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欢迎来到位于 布里斯班Carina的澳洲美体和皮肤护理诊所,我们的诊所致力于提供最高标准的服务以及一系列价格合理且有效的非手术治疗,为您提供最优质的服务。 Xanadu Therapies布里斯班自豪地使用最新激光除纹身技术与设备。与世界上最好的领先激光设备公司 CynoSure 的 MedLiteC6、PicoSure 和 Global Beauty Group 合作,包括美国皮肤护理行业最有效的产品,拥有 30 年的皮肤创新历史,Obagi。

Matt MeldrumMatt Meldrum
08:19 23 Aug 23
Nixie, has been amazing to deal with and such a smooth process from consult to booking in and now the tattoo has gone. The picosure laser removal would be the only machine recommended and it’s in the details; after 3 sessions skin is brand new. Thank you again!!Would recommend to anyone wanting to remove a tattoo. Try here before anywhere else.
Louise Auer-HernandezLouise Auer-Hernandez
05:49 19 Aug 23
Nixie has been wonderful and I am very impressed with the results of the tattoo laser removal after only two treatments. It is almost already gone. I look forward to working with Nixie more on facial treatments
Scott WatersScott Waters
23:06 29 Jul 23
Xanadu laser tattoo removal was a very professional experience and the results were fantastic after only one session. Pixie is always a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend.
Parshin VaghefiParshin Vaghefi
03:31 31 May 23
Great place for cosmetic therapies. Nixie, the owner, is very gentle and welcoming. Xanadu is so clean and well designed too.
Masoma HaidariMasoma Haidari
10:04 28 May 23
Highly recommend, to those wanting the best skin care, I have done facials , laser treatments fat freezing with newest machine in Brisbane her knowledge is amazing.I thank you Nixie for your great service and good pricing🥰
Lewis PLewis P
01:43 27 May 23
Best laser tattoo removal in Brisbane. Nixie is very knowledgeable, always gives 5 star service. I’ve had very good results with my tattoo removal in the few sessions I’ve had so far. 10/10 recommend
Pp HPp H
09:04 05 Apr 23
I ve been to multiple skin care centers around different countries. Amazingly I found Nixie is the best. She s so gentle and professional. She makes my treatment painless with the best effects. All the equipments at her place is very up to date. To be honest, the price she charges is so fair and I would fly from another country to Brisbane just to see her from time to time. Highly recommended!
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确定皮肤类型对于评估您的纹身很重要,因此您必须接受针对特定治疗的初步咨询,以确保该过程对您来说是成功的。 Xanadu Therapies 对每个客户的纹身采用定制咨询的方法。 我们的目标是以最快的方式激光除纹身布里斯班,同时提供最有效的结果。

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We are awesome




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